3 Best Day Hikes in Mammoth Cave National Park

Below you will find the 3 best day hikes in Mammoth Cave National Park! Although every visitor to this national park comes to take a tour of the longest cave system in the world, there are still several decent hiking trails in the area to check out before or after your tour. Very few actually take advantage of the hiking here which makes for a more personal experience compared to many national parks out there. Official Website.


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1. Green River Bluffs Trail

The trail begins near the River Styx Trail (see below) and winds its way along the Green River with some great views as you get to the riverside bluffs. The trailhead is located at the end of the 0.6 mile River Styx Trail near the Visitor Center.

  • 1.3 miles – Loop
  • 400′ gain
  • Moderate



2. Cedar Sink Trail 

Fun, short trail that leads south to a sinkhole. The trailhead is located on Cedar Sink Road just south of Brownsville Road.

  • 1.0 miles – Out and back
  • No gain
  • Easy



3. River Styx / Echo River Spring Trail 

This trail takes you from the Visitor Center to Green River and then south. Combine this trail with Green River Bluffs Trail if you have enough time. The trailhead is located right next to the Historic Entrance.

  • 1.7 miles – Out and back
  • 500′ gain
  • Easy





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