Best Hikes in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Overview

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is just about as diverse of a national park as there is in the U.S. It includes: three mountain ranges, a coastline with rainforests along the Cook Inlet, a plateau with alpine tundra on the west, glaciers, glacial lakes, major salmon-bearing rivers, and two volcanoes, Mount Redoubt and Mount Iliamna. A large collection of brown bears live in this area feeding on the salmon. No roads lead into the park so visitors must arrive by either boat or floatplane. More information on the best hikes in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve can be found below!

There is only one maintained circuit of trails in the park which is listed below. Rafting, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are all very popular activities after you’re finished hiking. Lake Clark is home to some of the best fishing grounds in the National Park System. Getting to the park isn’t easy but once you are there you won’t want to leave!

Nearest Metro AreaAnchorage, AK
Area Size4,030,006 acres
EstablishedDecember 2, 1980
Hiking Trails10 miles

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Trailhead Traveler’s Recommended Best Hikes in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Tanalian Falls Trail
Tanalian Falls in autumn
Tanalian Falls in autumn, Photo by Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

This is the one of the only maintained trails in the park and preserve but it is a beauty. Tanalian Falls and Kontrashibuna Lake are both gorgeous spots that add majesty to this park. Hikers can take a clockwise path taking Beaver Pond Trail all the way to the lake before returning via Tanalian Falls Trail. The trailhead is located in Port Alsworth, AK near the Lake Clark National Park Visitor Center.

  • 5.5 mile loop
  • 800′ elevation gain
  • Moderate

Featured Image: LACL Twin Lake, Photo by National Park Service, Alaska Region

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