10 Best Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Overview

Below you will find the 10 best hikes in Grand Teton National Park! Wyoming’s Teton Mountain Range and surrounding park offers visitors some of the best hiking experiences that you can find in this beautiful country of ours. The scenery is incredible to behold and will leave you breathless. Not quite as famous as its northern neighbor, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park has miles and miles of beautiful hikes – the most recommended ones are below. Hikers should consider bringing along bear spray during their hikes as black bears and grizzly bears frequent the area. 

Nearest Metro AreaJackson, WY
Area Size310,000 acres
EstablishedFebruary 26, 1929
Hiking Trails242 miles

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Trailhead Traveler’s Recommended Best Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

1. Paintbrush Divide

This will be one of the best hikes that you will ever experience in your life, let along one of the best hikes in Grand Teton National Park. Start out early in the morning if you wish to complete this hike in 1 day – permits are required for all overnight backcountry stays. On the trail, hikers will see incredible views of Lake Solitude, Grand Teton, Hidden Falls, and Inspiration Point. The trailhead is located next to the parking area east of String Lake.

  • 19.6 miles – Loop
  • 4000′ gain
  • Strenuous
Towards Grand Teton
Towards Grand Teton, Photo by george.bremer

2. Static Peak Divide

This hike is insane! You’ll go from forested areas through switchbacks along cliffs until you reach Static Peak Divide (10,800′). The views hikers receive as their reward for making it to the top are absolutely breathtaking. Static Peak Divide and Paintbrush Divide will be some of the toughest trails you can hike, but they’ll also be some of your favorites. To get to Static Peak, hikers will begin at the Death Canyon trailhead at the end of Whitegrass Ranch Road – the last mile is gravel road.

  • 16.3. miles – Out and back
  • 5,100′ gain
  • Strenuous
Static Peak, Photo by Acroterion

3. Jenny Lake Loop

Very crowded trail as it presents some of the best views of the Tetons in the park. Circling Jenny Lake, hikers on this trail can get access to popular spots like Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls without having to hike the amount of miles that Paintbrush Divide or Cascade Trail require. The trailhead is located next to the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.

  • 7.6 miles – Loop
  • 900′ gain
  • Moderate
Mount Owen and Mount St John across Jenny Lake, Photo by PDTillman

4. Table Mountain

This will be one of the more difficult hikes you’ll ever do as you climb up extremely steep slopes in not a lot of distance, but man, the sights are second to none. Grand Teton, Middle Teton, and South Teton are in clear view as you reach the top. Hikers have the option of going 2 different ways, 1 shorter and steeper (Face Trail) than the other (Huckleberry Trail). I recommend going up Face Trail and down Huckleberry Trail as the footing will be more manageable on the way down. The trailhead is not in the main Grand Teton area but on the Western side of the mountains at the end of Teton Canyon Road near a campground.

  • 10.2 miles – Loop
  • 4,100′ gain
  • Strenuous
Teton panorama from Table Rock
Teton Panorama from Table Rock, Photo by Mike Weston

5. Amphitheater Lake 

This trail is made up of several switchbacks through a forested area to Surprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake. There are great views of Grand Teton along the way and hikers have the option on the way up or back to add on another 2.2 miles (roundtrip) by taking the Garnet Canyon Trail that spurs off about 3 miles into the hike. The trailhead is located just south of the Lupine Meadows parking area.

  • 10.1 miles – Out and back
  • 3000′ gain
  • Strenuous
Amphitheater Lake, Photo by 12-Foot Hedgehog Productions

6. Leigh Lake + Bearpaw Lake Trails

This trail follows the eastern side of Leigh Lake on the way to Bearpaw Lake and Trapper Lake. The trail splits to both lakes on the north side of Leigh Lake so make sure you experience both while you’re there! The trailhead is located next to the parking area east of String Lake.

  • 9.8 miles – Out and back
  • 200′ gain
  • Moderate
Leigh Lake at Dusk
Leigh Lake at Dusk, Photo by Dave Soldano

7. String Lake Loop

One of the more popular hikes in the whole park that circles String Lake and presents hikers with gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. Though popular, this is still easily one of the best hikes in Grand Teton National Park. The west side trail of String Lake can be added to the Leigh Lake and Bearpaw Lake Trails to combine everything into one bigger trek. The trailhead is located near the parking area at the southeast side of the lake.

  • 3.7 miles – Loop
  • 300′ gain
  • Easy
Mount Moran Reflected in String Lake, Photo by Stan Petersen

8. Taggart Lake Loop

Beautiful views of the mountains from the lakeside. This is one of the more scenic trails that you will find at Grand Teton without breaking too much of a sweat. The trailhead is located at the Taggart Lake parking area off of Teton Park Road.

  • 3.8 miles – Loop
  • 500′ gain
  • Easy
Taggart Lake     (Explored Jan. 11, 2016)
Taggart Lake, Photo by Tim Lumley

9. Phelps Lake Loop

Similar to the hike at Jenny Lake, this trail circumnavigates Phelps Lake with beautiful views of the south face of the Tetons. This is one of the first hikes that you’ll pass if entering the park from Jackson Hole and is a good precursor for what is to come. The trailhead is located next to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve.

  • 6.3 miles – Loop
  • 600′ gain
  • Moderate
Death Canyon and Phelps Lake
Death Canyon and Phelps Lake, Photo by Grand Teton National Park

10. Lakeshore Trail

Although this is not one of the best hikes in the park, this trail is a must see around Jackson Lake. Views of the Teton Range reflecting off of the crystal clear water of the lake are stunning. The trailhead is located at the Colter Bay Visitor Center.

  • 2.3 miles – Loop
  • 100′ gain
  • Easy
Teton Range from Lakeshore Trail at Colter Bay
Teton Range from Lakeshore Trail at Colter Bay, Photo by sf-dvs

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Featured Image: Grand Teton National Park, Photo by Department of the Interior

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