11 Best Day Hikes in Glacier National Park

Known as the Crown of the Continent, Glacier National Park is truly a sight to behold. Located in NW Montana, the Rocky Mountains own the landscape and present visitors with many challenging but extremely beautiful trails. There is also plenty of wildlife throughout the park including mountain goats, moose, and the park favorite grizzly bear. Grizzlies will often be very near some of the trails listed below so make sure you are hiking in groups and carry bear spray with you wherever you go. We have listed the 11 best hikes in Glacier National Park below, let us know which ones you have done! Official Website.

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1. Highline Trail to the Loop (Logan Pass)

The Highline Trail follows the Continental Divide and is thought to be one of the greatest hikes in the US. The scenery, wildlife, ledges, and overlooks make this a bucket list trail for any avid hiker. The best way to get started on this trail is to park at the Loop on Going to the Sun Road and take the free shuttle up to Logan Pass, then hike back to your car. The trailhead is located just north of the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

  • 11.7 miles – One way
  • 1300′ gain
  • Strenuous

2. Grinnell Glacier Trail (Many Glacier)

Be sure to pack some bear spray if attempting this hike as this is prime grizzly country! There are boat rides across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine for a fee that would cut 3.4 miles off your hike if you are in a time-crunch. At the southwest end of Lake Josephine, the trail begins to steepen on its way up to one of the most iconic glaciers in the park. Another good hike nearby is 7 mile roundtrip Grinnell Lake Trail on the south side of the lakes. The trailhead for Grinnell Glacier Trail is located at the parking area off of Rte 3 west of Swiftcurrent Lake.

  • 10.6 miles – Out and back
  • 1600′ gain
  • Strenuous

3. Iceberg Lake Trail (Many Glacier)

This is one of the more popular hikes in Glacier. The trail takes you gradually up through open meadows and a forested area before splitting off from Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail (below). Eventually, you’ll end up at Iceberg Lake, aptly names for the numerous icebergs freely floating on the water during summer months. During the winter, the lake is completely frozen. I highly recommend combining this with the Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail to make an entertaining 15 mile  all-day adventure! The trailhead is located at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking area.

  • 9.7 miles – Out and back
  • 1300′ gain
  • Strenuous

4. Ptarmigan Tunnel Trail (Many Glacier)

The route to Ptarmigan Tunnel shares the initial and final 2.7 miles as the Iceberg Lake Trail is is similarly one of the more popular hikes in Glacier. Dramatic views of the Ptarmigan Wall open up as you get closer to the tunnel. The 240′ long tunnel in the Wall (originally built in 1930) allows hikes to avoid climbing over the steep terrain in order to view the breathtaking scenery on the other side. The trailhead is located at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking area.

  • 10.7 miles – Out and back
  • 2300′ gain
  • Strenuous

5. Pitamakan / Dawson Pass Loop (Two Medicine)

This is a long, arduous, but epic loop that is located in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park. The trail features expansive panoramic views of the glacier carved valleys and surrounding mountains. Hopefully the distance won’t deter you as this is one hike that should not be passed up. The trailhead is located next to the Two Medicine Campground.

  • 17.9 miles – Loop
  • 3300′ gain
  • Strenuous

6. Cracker Lake Trail (Many Glacier)

Another great hike in the Many Glacier area, this trail leads you to one of the largest rock faces on the continent, Siyeh Peak. The beginning of the trail is shared with horseback rides so be sure to watch your step. Most of the trail is forested but when you emerge, you are presented with incredible view of the basin and the turquoise waters of Cracker Lake. The trailhead is located at the parking lot near the Many Glacier Hotel.

  • 12.6 miles – Out and back
  • 1400′ gain
  • Moderate

7. Siyeh Pass Trail (St. Mary)

Another one of the hikes in Glacier best completed one-way using the park’s shuttle service. The best way to begin this hike is to leave your car at Sunrift Gorge and take the shuttle to Siyeh Pass before your hike to ensure you get to your vehicle in time. This trail features all of the best of what Glacier has to offer – meadows, mountains with rocky landscapes, glaciers, waterfalls, and more. The trailhead is located at the shuttle stop at Siyeh Bend.

  • 10.2 miles – One way
  • 2200′ gain
  • Stenuous

8. Bullhead Lake Trail (Many Glacier)

This is a beautiful and relatively easy hike in the Many Glacier area with access to lakes, waterfalls, and a good chance to see some wildlife. At about 3.5 miles from the trailhead, you’ll reach a viewpoint overlooking Bullhead Lake and Mount Grinnell; you have the option of continuing up to the top of Swiftcurrent Pass for more incredible views but that portion of the trail is the most difficult hiking the the park. The trailhead is located at the Swiftcurrent Pass Trailhead in the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn parking area.

  • 7.1 miles – Out and back
  • 350′ gain
  • Easy

9. Avalanche Lake Trail (Lake McDonald)

One of the more moderate hikes in Glacier, this trail features some of the oldest and tallest trees in the park, waterfalls, and finally, beautiful Avalanche Lake. The lake shoreline and surrounding mountains make for a great place to enjoy your lunch. The trailhead is located just north of the Avalanche Campground.

  • 6 miles – Out and back
  • 600′ gian
  • Easy

10. St. Mary / Virginia Falls Trail (St. Mary)

St. Mary Falls and the taller Virginia Falls offer hikers a rare, quick trail compared to the majority of the hikes in Glacier. A bridge will let you cross nearby at St. Mary Falls and a spur trail will take you to a platform to view Virginia Falls. The trailhead is near the shuttle stops on Going to the Sun Road, just west of St. Mary Lake.

  • 3.2 miles – Out and back
  • 300′ gain
  • Easy

11. Hidden Lake Trail (Logan Pass)

Starting from a boardwalk, the trail gradually climbs to the Hidden Lake Overlook featuring panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. This is a great area to view mountain goats and other Glacier wildlife. The trailhead is located right next to the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

  • 2.7 miles – Out and back
  • 500′ gain
  • Easy


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