3 Best Day Hikes in the National Park of American Samoa

Located in the South Pacific, the National Park of American Samoa is actually closer to Australia than the contiguous United States. This is easily the most remote park in the National Park Service and difficult to reach. However, once you are there it is easy to take it the beauty and tranquility that make this such a unique place to visit. The park is distributed across 3 islands in the US territory of American Samoa: Tutuila (main island), Ofu, and Ta’ū. Considering the park is only 13,500 acres large, 9,000 of which are land, there are not many opportunities for hiking. The 3 best hikes in the National Park of American Samoa are located below. Remember that the culture for the families living here is very different from home so please read up before arriving and act respectful. Official Website.



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1. Mount ‘Alava Trail 

To reach the summit of Mount ‘Alava, you can either begin from Fagasa Pass or Vatia Village. I would recommend starting from Vatia as it is near Lower Sauma Ridge Trail (below) and you are aided by steps. There are hundreds of steps and ladders to make the climb up to the summit.

  • 7.2 miles (Fagasa Pass) / 5.6 miles (Vatia Village) – Out and back / Loop
  • 1500′ gain
  • Strenuous




2. Lower Sauma Ridge Trail

This interpretive trail takes you to an archaeological site of an ancient star mound. The trail can also be used to get to the summit of Mount ‘Alava. The trailhead is located on the north side of Tutuila by Vatia Bay.

  • 0.4 miles – Out and back
  • No elevation gain
  • Easy




3. Pola Island Trail 

Short trail on the north side of Tutuila Island that leads to a rocky beach with views of Pola Island. The trailhead is located past the last house at the end of the paved road in Vatia Village.

  • 0.1 miles – Out and back
  • No elevation gain
  • Easy








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